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I’m Struggling with Disliking My Child Due to His Behavior At School

My son’s transition to Kindergarten has been challenging, with his behavior taking a concerning turn. Despite his positive behavior in preschool, he now exhibits extreme aggression and disruptiveness in the classroom, leaving us feeling helpless. He’s done all the things – attacked the teacher’s aide, flipped desks, destroyed bookshelves, and fought his classmates.

We’ve sought professional help, spoken to specialists, and tried various strategies, but his behavior hasn’t improved. As a work-from-home parent, I bear the brunt of the disruptions caused by his school calls and pick-ups, leaving me emotionally drained and struggling to find a balance.

I can’t help but wonder why my well-behaved siblings didn’t face these challenges, making it difficult to come to terms with my son’s behavior. Though it may sound selfish, I find myself growing frustrated and even disliking my own child, despite knowing that something must be troubling him.

My attempts to address the issue through conversations, expenses, patience, and affection seem to have limited impact, leaving me feeling defeated. While my husband believes he will eventually outgrow this phase, I worry about the consequences if his behavior continues and potential disciplinary actions in the future.

This situation has pushed me to question my abilities as a parent, as it surpasses any expectations I had and leaves me fearful for what lies ahead. Academically, my son excels and displays remarkable skills, but emotionally, he lags behind his peers, particularly in the school environment.

It’s important to note that his behavioral issues are isolated to school, as he behaves well in other settings with friends, family, and caregivers. The triggers for his outbursts are inconsistent and unpredictable, causing him to escalate rapidly over seemingly minor incidents.

I’m reaching out to others who may have faced similar challenges, seeking advice and support on how to better understand and help my son navigate these difficulties. While hearing that it gets better would bring some comfort, what I truly need are practical strategies to support my son’s emotional development and ensure my own well-being throughout this process.

Thank you in advance for any insights or suggestions provided.