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My son was injured on his school’s playground. I think the school is at fault and should have done a better job supervising

My son recently celebrated his fifth birthday in April and is currently attending Kindergarten Junior at a private Montessori school. This school provides education from KG1 to Grade 5 and even has a playland equipped with various play equipment like slides, tunnels, and more.

A couple of weeks ago, when my husband and I went to pick up our son from school, we immediately noticed a mark on his upper cheek during the handoff with his teacher. When we asked him about it, he mentioned that another child had bitten him. However, the teachers playfully dismissed his claim, suggesting that it might be the result of a fall. Surprisingly, they hadn’t even noticed the mark until we brought it to their attention.

During the car ride home, our son continued to insist that one of his schoolmates had indeed bitten him on the cheek. Little did we know that this incident was just the beginning of a series of unfortunate events.

Today, we received a distressing phone call from the school principal during lunchtime, urging us to pick up our son as he may have dislocated his arm and required immediate medical attention. In a state of panic, we rushed to the school and brought him home.

On our way to the hospital, our poor son, in excruciating pain and tears, recounted how the very same child who had bitten him earlier had pushed him off the monkey bars in the school’s playland, resulting in a severe break in his ulna bone in addition to the dislocated arm. It was heartbreaking to witness our little one enduring such injuries that now required surgery at another medical facility.

Given that this is a private Montessori school, the child-to-teacher ratio is relatively better compared to the public school system. With an average of 5-6 teachers overseeing a maximum of 30-40 kids, one would expect a higher level of supervision and safety measures in place. However, it is alarming to see incidents like biting and serious injuries occurring within the supposedly padded playland.

I can’t help but wonder if there should be additional supervision at the playland to prevent such incidents. What if a much younger child, around 3.5 or 4 years old, decides to climb up and use the monkey bars? They are still so small and likely to fall, which raises concerns about their safety as well.

In light of these events, it is essential to address the situation effectively. Is there a process in place to have the playland thoroughly tested for safety? Are there any necessary steps that need to be taken? It is disconcerting to see children getting bitten and sustaining serious injuries despite the playland supposedly being padded.

Furthermore, I believe it is crucial for the school to review its safety protocols and provide additional training to the teachers and staff responsible for supervising the playland. It’s important to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to prevent accidents and respond appropriately in case of any incidents.

Overall, the well-being and safety of the children should be the top priority. It is crucial for the school administration to take prompt action, conduct a thorough investigation into these incidents, and implement measures to enhance the safety and supervision in the playland. No child should have to endure such injuries, and it is our responsibility as parents to advocate for their well-being and push for necessary changes to prevent further incidents from occurring.