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My Husband and I installed a lock on our bedroom door to prevent my Mother-in-law from invading our privacy.

The situation involves an agreement my husband, his mother, and I made regarding our housing arrangement. Due to her health issues and desire to live with family, we decided that my husband and I would buy a large house and she would live on a separate floor. However, it quickly became apparent that she had misunderstood the implications and requirements of the arrangement. She expressed regret, realizing she would have to follow our rules, downsize her belongings, and acknowledge that it was our shared home. This caused tension and disagreement between us.

Initially, she had seen the house and approved of the downstairs room that was designated for her. However, after we completed the paperwork and finalized the purchase, she visited the house again and expressed a desire to have a larger room upstairs. Both my husband and I firmly disagreed, as we needed the space and privacy for ourselves and our growing family. This led to a heated argument, and eventually, my husband had to assert our original agreement and the reality of the situation. It seemed that she had assumed I would easily change my mind and accommodate her wishes.

A week later, my husband and I went out for the day, leaving her alone at home. Intuitively, I felt compelled to place something by our bedroom door upstairs as a marker, to indicate if anyone had entered. Upon returning home, I discovered that the marker had been moved. It was clear to me that she had gone into our bedroom, and I suspect she had also snooped around other rooms that were off-limits to her. The confrontation that followed confirmed our suspicions.

I shared the incident with my husband, and he immediately went to install a lock on our bedroom door. We didn’t confront her directly about it, but since then, we have been diligent about locking our door whenever we leave the house together.

However, despite these measures, I find myself feeling increasingly resentful towards her. The incident with our bedroom invasion continues to bother me, and her entitled behavior, coupled with her attempts to forge an emotional bond with my husband due to her lack of a partner, only exacerbates the situation. I’ve been maintaining distance from her, as has my husband to some extent.

Unfortunately, we are currently locked into this housing arrangement for the foreseeable future due to financial implications and the recent purchase of the house. I can only hope that one day she finds a partner and establishes a healthier emotional support system outside of our immediate family. In the meantime, I strive to maintain my boundaries and prioritize my own emotional well-being, while also supporting my husband as we navigate this complex situation together.