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Apparently, my boyfriend’s female coworker has been bringing him snacks and even gave him a personal drawing. I’m livid, am I overthinking this?

In summary, my boyfriend developed a strong interest in fitness and made a female friend at work who shares this interest. She gave him gifts and a personal drawing, which made me uncomfortable and sparked a fight. He dismissed my concerns, leading to hurtful comments and accusations of insecurity. Our friends and his mom sided with him, leaving me feeling invalidated and unsure of what to think.

Here is what happened.

In the past year and a half of our relationship, my boyfriend has taken a keen interest in fitness. He started a diet and workout routine, and I have always been supportive of his endeavors. He encouraged me to join him at the gym, but I preferred to stick to my own schedule and exercise independently. While I prioritized school and my career, he took my lack of immediate involvement as a sign that we didn’t share the same interest.

During this time, he developed a friendship with a female coworker who shares his passion for fitness. They bonded over their shared routines and even exchanged protein bars at work. I couldn’t help but feel uneasy about their friendship, given my boyfriend’s history with female friends crossing boundaries or relationships fizzling out. We discussed my concerns, but last week, she went a step further by gifting him more protein items and a hand-drawn coupon. He informed me about it during a call, mentioning that he planned to reciprocate with a gift of his own. I found this unsettling, especially since he didn’t mention any similar gestures towards a male coworker who shares their “interest.”

I expressed my concerns again, and this time it brought me to tears. I felt disrespected and hoped he would understand my perspective, but instead, he dismissed my worries and labeled me as jealous. He made jokes and claimed it was simply a friendly gesture. During our fight, hurtful words were exchanged, including accusations that I’m overly sensitive, always crying, and blowing things out of proportion. He even stated that he can’t be himself around others because they misinterpret his intentions.

Seeking support, I turned to my friends, who agreed that the personal drawing went too far. However, his friends saw both sides of the argument but believed I was being insecure. Even his mother, whom I have a good relationship with, sided with him, as she always does. While I understand her loyalty to her son, I can’t help but feel betrayed by her constant defense of him. She even made comments suggesting that the other girl possesses something (fitness interest) that I lack. His father expressed concern, but my boyfriend dismissed it, leaving me feeling isolated in my perspective. In the end, everyone supports him, and I am left feeling like an insecure and sensitive girlfriend.

After we made up, he assured me that he wouldn’t allow anyone to disrespect me. Although it should bring me some comfort, I can’t shake the feeling that nothing will truly change. I don’t feel like he ever truly took my side or acknowledged the impact of his actions on my emotions. The opinions of our friends and family have left me confused and unsure of what to believe. I am left questioning myself and my perception of the situation, feeling invalidated and uncertain about the future of our relationship.

In conclusion, I’m left wondering what thoughts others might have about this complex situation and how I should navigate these challenging dynamics moving forward.

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