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My boyfriend’s job hampers our quality time and doesn’t provide financial stability. For the 1st time, I’m questioning our future together.

I genuinely admire my boyfriend’s passion for his job in the government office and his desire to make a difference. However, there are two significant issues that are impacting our relationship: the demands of my boyfriend’s job and the lack of financial stability it offers.

Firstly, my boyfriend’s job demands an immense amount of his time. He wakes up early, works overtime, and returns home late, leaving very little time for anything else. As a result, he has left behind his hobbies, while I have managed to explore and develop new interests. This has created a growing disconnect between us, making it challenging to find common ground and bond. While I work in a startup with a more favorable work-life balance, I struggle to relate to his all-consuming dedication to work.

Secondly, the compensation for my boyfriend’s job does not align with the effort he puts in. He faces financial uncertainty since they don’t receive pay for holidays or leaves, and their salaries are occasionally delayed. Last year, he was promised a promotion, only to have it revoked due to budget cuts. This lack of financial stability adds pressure to our plans for the future, particularly our desire to get married. While we both contribute to our savings, I feel the weight of ensuring we have enough for our wedding. It feels like we are constantly daydreaming about a future that may never materialize.

We have aspirations for a comfortable life together, but our current circumstances make it challenging to enjoy the present. I long for quality time and shared experiences, like going on trips, but his demanding job prevents him from taking leave or having the budget to do so. It feels like our relationship is stuck in a loop of dreams and uncertainties, lacking the assurance and stability needed to fully embrace the present and plan for the future.

While I understand his dedication to my boyfriend’s job and the satisfaction he derives from it, I can’t help but question if our relationship can thrive under these circumstances. I want us to have a balanced life, where we can enjoy each other’s company, pursue our interests, and build a secure future together. But for now, I find myself yearning for a deeper connection and a tangible foundation for our dreams to become a reality.

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