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My girlfriend believes that I prioritize getting a new car over her, and cried when I was hesitant about moving in together due to financial concerns.

My girlfriend and I have been in a wonderful relationship for over two years. She’s everything I could ask for – beautiful, smart, loving, and caring. We have so much fun together, even in the simplest activities. I truly see a future with her.

However, there’s one major challenge in our relationship: the distance. We live in different states, with her residing in a bustling city and me in the quiet suburbs. It’s a 40-minute drive between us, and I often make the trip to see her.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of city life. The noise, traffic, and congestion really get to me. I prefer visiting the city for special events like concerts or shows, but I don’t want to live there permanently.

Now, here’s the dilemma. My girlfriend’s lease is ending soon, and her flatmate plans to move out. She wants me to move in with her and split the rent, along with other expenses like parking, utilities, and food.

The problem is, my salary is significantly lower than hers. My girlfriend earns a six-figure income, while I’m below 90k. On top of that, I desperately need a new car since my current one is old and high in mileage. I currently live rent-free with my family, providing them with assistance instead. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement while I work my job.

Saving money is already a challenge for me. When I calculated the cost of living with her for a year, it came out to around $25,000, excluding food and utilities. This doesn’t leave much room for saving, buying a new car, building an emergency fund, investing in retirement, and enjoying a few vacations while I’m young and healthy.

When I discussed my financial concerns with my girlfriend, she became upset and accused me of prioritizing a new car over living with her. While that’s not entirely true, I do believe it’s impractical to live together if it means sacrificing my financial stability and future goals.

Her suggestion to cook more at home and order less takeout doesn’t address the core issue. Even with those adjustments, the cost of living together remains significantly high.

We’ve also discussed the possibility of moving to the suburbs, where the cost of apartments is higher but offers a better living environment. However, my girlfriend raises valid points about the increased expenses and the need to pay for tolls and parking for her job. Additionally, she still doesn’t have a driver’s license despite my encouragement over the years, which limits her mobility.

I’m at a loss of what to do. I can envision a future with her, but if we can’t find a compromise on where to live, it feels like a futile endeavor.

In conclusion, my girlfriend doesn’t want to leave her city, citing the sacrifice of being away from friends and family. While I’m not as concerned about distance from my loved ones, I struggle with city life. We both desire to live together but are facing difficulties in finding a solution.

She has mentioned that by 2026, she would be open to moving to the suburbs and raising our future children outside of the city.

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